Resound Hearing Aid App Troubleshooting

Resound Hearing Aid App Troubleshooting

Resound Hearing Aid App Troubleshooting. Two different methods for updating hearing aid software in the resound smart 3d app are available. Then, reconnect your hearing aids in the app.

Resound Hearing Aid App Troubleshooting
Resound Hearing Aid App Troubleshooting Apps from

Things to try if resound still doesn’t work. Open the app and follow the flow to get started. Press ‘pair new hearing aids’.

If Your Phone Settings Are Correct And Your Hearing Aids Are Properly Paired, Then Try These Resound App Troubleshooting Tips.

Close and reopen the resound app. Resound danalogic ambio 77 hearing aid instructions includes: Keep them away from rain and replace low batteries!

Attaching A Sports Lock On A Surefit Receiver.

Turn “demo mode” on and off on the resound app under the “more” tab. If youre having problems pairing, check the bluetooth area of your phone and delete any pairing of the resound hearing aids. Now restart your hearing aids.

Cleaning Your Custom Hearing Aid.

You’ll “pair” once for one aid, or twice for two. Cleaning your rie hearing aid. Ask your hearing care professional to design a schedule tailored just for you

Press ‘Pair New Hearing Aids’.

Also, if your hearing aids are compatible with the resound smart 3d app, your hearing specialist can adjust them remotely using the apps resound assist feature. Tap when they are shown in the display and then tap pair (twice for two hearing aids) and your devices will be paired. Click on the ‘more‘ tab in the resound app.

A Red Line With An Exclamation Mark Means You Have Lost Your Connection.

Hearing aid care & maintenance. If you do not see your hearing aids listed, or if one of the links does not work, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected] You will enjoy more benefits from your resound hearing aids by taking the following actions:

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